White Kitchens – Versatility

White kitchens never go out of fashion

You can’t go wrong with white in the kitchen, so sit back and let these fabulous ideas and pictures inspire you to take your kitchen from drab to dazzling. You know I’m a “pinterestholic” and I’m always looking for inspiration, here’s my true favorite white selection of white kitchens.

Styles are always changing. Some things come in cycles and other styles are gone before you know it. What that means is that you need to choose something which is versatile. Something as timeless as Calacatta marble is perfect for a home which is always changing. Marble in general is suited to any house because of the variety of styles and tones in which it comes. More than that, marble is long lasting which means that it will remain as versatile as you for much longer than other materials and will hold on to that beautiful finish, giving you time to focus on different areas of the house.


You know the feeling you get when you stay in a beautiful hotel, or eat out at a beautiful restaurant? Wouldn’t you want people to leave your home feeling the exact same way. Using Calacatta will give your home the same bold elegance that you see at the Four Seasons. This timeless finish speaks for itself. This gorgeous marble effect has been used for centuries for one good reason, it’s utterly flawless.  Why do you think the Romans loved that marble effect, and the ancient Greeks, and, well every civilisation since the year dot? Because it looked as stunning back then as it does now! Why not go for subway tile effect in the bathroom or maybe try Calacatta as amazing backsplash tiles in the kitchen. There’s no end to what you can do with such a clean and sophisticated design.

Enjoy this gallery!

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